Premium grade ingredients, wholesale pricing. A cosmetic safety assessor owned business. Compliant documents provided for all products.

Beautiful Botanicals

Whole dried fruits, spices, flowers, powders, seeds and more.

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Gloved hands in a bowl with white dry ingredients and a bath bomb mould


Bulk ingredient bundles with big savings and free UK shipping on orders over £75

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10ml 50ml and 100ml bottles of assorted essential oils with white labels and green text alongside a brown box with green decorative panel and the logo for bath and body base cosmetic ingredient supplier

100% Pure Essential Oils

Premium documented essential oils that are exactly as they should be.

Cosmetic grade clays in glass pots with spoons featuring blue, pink, yellow, green and brown naturally coloured powders

The biggest range of cosmetic clays

For all of your cosmetic product formulations. Stunning natural colours. Compliant safety data sheets accompany all of our ingredients.

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All in One Wash Base

Customisable unfragranced and pre fragranced, exclusive premium base. CPSR with every purchase, ready to sell.

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