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Ingredient Kit for Solid Hair Conditioner Bars CPSR

Ingredient Kit for Solid Hair Conditioner Bars CPSR

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Time/money saving ingredients bundle for 5 batches of base product under the Conditioner Bars CPSR. Cosmetic safety assessment sold separately.

You must have the CPSR if you want to sell the products made with this kit. No instructions are included as it is intended for use by those with the CPSR. Buy that here if you don't already have it. You will see there is a huge range of ready to buy CPSRs to choose from.


BTMS 25 2 x1kg
E-Wax Olive 500g
Cetyl Alchol 1kg
Stearic Acid 500g
Shea Butter  500g
Cocoa Butter 500g
Avocado Oil 500ml
Jojoba Oil  500ml
Argan Oil  500ml
Glycerin 500ml
Panthenol 100ml
Vit E 50ml

*You will need to buy your Essential oils separately.

In our kits, we provide certain ingredients in quantities exceeding immediate formulation needs. This practice not only aligns with cost-effective packaging strategies but also minimizes unnecessary waste. While customers are expected to adhere strictly to the CPSR,  the surplus ingredients enable future use, enhancing both cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Harmonised commodity code 1515903100

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